Golf Fitness Training

Golf Fitness is like having an extra club in the bag

At G4G we focus our training on increasing & improving your strength, speed, balance and mobility. Our goal is to increase your physical capacity, so you have a greater potential to transfer these gains into your golf swing for increased distance and better ball striking.

The first thing we will do is take you through Titliest Performance Institute’s (TPI) body screening process. We do this to identify where your limitations are in your body in relation to your golf swing. These are the areas we will target first. There is no point making you more mobile, stronger or faster if certain parts of your body cannot handle these physical gains.

Our training programs are designed for players with no gym or golf fitness training experience whatsoever right through to professional athletes.

Each G4G training program is customised based on the player's age, sex, training history, injuries, physical limitations and their goals.

We also place a big emphasis also on Pre and Post Round Maintenance. It’s a really important area ignored by many golfers today but one that can deliver significant benefits both immediate and long term.

4 Pillars of Golf Fitness

01. Strength

At G4G, we use old school Strength and Conditioning principles to build a solid foundation from the ground up. To create and translate power, golfers need to build glute strength, hip stability, and anterior core strength. We love our players performing compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. These include squats, deadlifts, military press, barbell rows and push-ups just to name a few.

Our goal at G4G is to create functional strength not just raw strength. Specifically, we build our programs around improving the way your muscles work together in relation to the golf swing. Ultimately, we will make your lower body, core and upper body stronger so that you can increase your capacity (potential) to generate & transfer more club head speed from the ground up during your backswing all the way through to the club at impact.

Strength training will also help you navigate your way around the golf course from pulling or carrying your golf clubs, to bending down everytime you tee the ball or mark your ball on the green or enabling a stance on an uneven lie off the fairway or in a bunker for example.

02. Speed

To help build speed in your golf swing, G4G will have you performing exercises that are explosive and utilise various muscle groups. Speed training will focus on activating your type 2x muscle fibres (commonly referred to as fast twitch fibres). For most golfers, they simply have not learnt how to activate these existing fast twitch fibres. Activating these fast twitch fibres will result in an increase in strength. Moving heavy loads faster will make you a stronger, more stable golfer.

We also incorporate the principles of Overspeed Training by utilising Superspeed Golf’s 3 weighted 3 Club system. Overspeed Training is all about training your brain to speed up the reaction speed of muscles used when making a golf swing. This is achieved by using clubs lighter than your driver, reducing the dynamic resistance of your swing and allowing your body to move much faster than normal. This type of training will increase your club head speed!

03. Balance

Golfers strive for distance and accuracy on longer shots and for pinpoint control on approach shots to the green. Without good balance, you cannot achieve any of these objectives on a consistent basis. A balanced swing allows you to have better control of the club and deliver it squarely to the ball, ensuring accuracy. Generating the clubhead speed necessary to maximise power also requires good balance.

At G4G we incorporate a lot of unilateral training into our workouts. We will have our players perform exercises on one side of the body, or use one limb at a time. This type of training is great for fixing any muscle imbalances (a common problem for golfers considering we swing left or right handed). Unilateral training is also a great way to enhance balance by working on core stability and learning how to perform exercises with only one limb for stabilisation.

04. Mobility

By improving your mobility you’re going to increase your ability to maintain and improve the range of motion of your joints that are integral to your golf swing, which will be extremely beneficial over the long term.

Secondly, adequate mobility will help you generate more club head speed by allowing you to create a longer backswing and improving your separation from your hips and shoulders as you rotate your hips away from the target whilst your torso is turning towards the target. Generating this separation from your hips and your torso is the fundamental element required to generate club head speed.

We focus our training on the 4 rotary centres of any golfer - hip internal rotation, thoracic rotation, shoulder external rotation and neck rotation. Any limitation in one of these areas will lead to unwanted lateral movement and loss of posture in the golf swing = injuries, loss of distance and poor ball striking.

Mobility becomes even more important with age. Our bodies ability to maintain good ROM diminishes as a result of wear and tear and the ageing process. Maintaining and improving your mobility will have huge benefits for your golf game.


CORE Training

The core is the glue that holds the swing together, transmits force from the lower body into the upper body and helps you rotate your torso, last but not least the forearms transmit all of the force created by the body into the club.

Our core exercises will train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability. The weakest part of most golfers' bodies is the part they need the most - their core. Without strong, pliable muscles in your stomach, hips, butt and lower back you can’t make a golf swing that is powerful and technically sound.


G4G Golf Fitness Group Classes

G4G is the first and only gym in Sydney to offer daily circuit style group classes designed purely for golfers. The classes focus on our 4 pillars of golf fitness training STRENGTH, SPEED, BALANCE & MOBILITY. The format of our golf fitness classes is detailed below:

  • 55 minute duration
  • Maximum of 16 participants
  • 5 minutes Warm Up (Dynamic Stretching)
  • 30 minutes Strength, Speed, Balance Training
  • 10 minutes Core Training
  • 10 minutes Mobility Training

There will be no smoke and mirrors at G4G. We're serious about improving your health and specifically your golf fitness so be prepared for training that is going to challenge you both mentally and physically. But we're also going to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way!

"The reason I play at such a high level and hopefully will continue to play at a high level for the next 10, 15 years is because of the work I do in the gym."