G4G is like no other gym in Sydney

When you join our gym, you become part of an exclusive community of golfers who absolutely love their golf, want to play more and most importantly want to get better. To help you achieve your goals, we will:

  1. Make your safety our # 1 Priority
  2. Build a customised workout program for every Player
  3. Increase your Physical Capacity
  4. Build a Solid Foundation from the ground up
  5. Work on your Lower Body, Core and Upper Body
  6. Transfer physical improvements into your Golf Swing
  7. Use Technology & Data to track progress
  8. Educate, Motivate and Inspire
  9. Be Accountable
  10. Have Fun

Initial Consultation

For players who want dedicated 1-1 Coaching, they will need to book an Initial Consultation. This is an extremely important step in the process of making you a better golfer and maximising your ROI. The Initial Consultation will normally take 2 hours to complete and include the following assessments:

  • General Health & Lifestyle Appraisal
  • Fitness Appraisal
  • Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanning
  • Titliest Performance Institute (TPI) Screening
  • Trackman Bay Session
  • SMART Goals

The information provided will allow G4G to identify any potential health risks, any physical limitations in relation to your golf swing and most importantly data that we use as a benchmark for future assessments. We use technology and data to track a player's progress both physically and in relation to their golf swing (ie club head speed and distance). Numbers don't lie and at G4G we do quarterly assessments to track your progress (especially against your SMART Goals)


1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching is available for players who want to accelerate their golf fitness levels and take their golf game to a whole new level. Players can choose single 1-1 sessions or book our 4 x session package (10% discount) or 12 x session package (25% discount).

Players can expect a dedicated & bespoke workout program targeted at improving physical limitations whilst always looking to increase your overall strength, speed, balance & mobility.

Are you ready to bomb your drives and hit more Greens?